Lady causes jilted boyfriend’s madness after a bitter break up

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A lady has confessed to causing a man to go insane after the man broke up with her after five years of being in a relationship.

According to the lady, she went to a juju man after she suffered the heartbreak and was given a padlock to say whatever she wanted, bury it and it will work for her.

She said although she wanted to say something that will keep them forever, she was heartbroken that the young man could break up with her after years of suffering together.

So she asked that he goes insane after which she buried the padlock behind his own house somewhere in Aburi.

The lady says if the padlock is found and opened, Collins Agyemang will regain his sanity.

This has left many in a state of shock on social media that a woman can be this evil. However, others have also said it serves the man right for breaking the heart of a woman after dating her for five years.

Source: 2022

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