Lady goes mad and jumps out of moving car on wedding day

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Reports reaching Ghpage is that a woman has gone mad on her wedding day, jumped out of her moving bridal car, and started attacking passers-by.

Aside from birth dates, one day memorial to a lot of ladies is their wedding day. This goes to explain why most women fancy glamorous weddings.

However, on the day that was meant to be one of her most memorable days the lady in question tasted quite a bitter grape.

The incident which happened in Port Harcourt, Nigeria on Alcon street near the famous YKC traffic circle drew a great crowd as the lady dressed in her beautiful gown went gaga and hit the streets.

Stuck in traffic, she leaped out and caused a scene at the YKC intersection in the Woji zone.

Woman goes mad on wedding day
Woman mad wedding gown
Woman mad wedding gown

As she jumped out of the bridal vehicle on their way to their nuptial service, she started hitting bystanders.

The Nigerian lady repeatedly told the groom that she isn’t intrigued again and hit him without remorse.

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