Lady in pain after her long hair got stuck in the wheel of a motorcycle

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As ladies keep up with impressing men with their looks, they forget to consider a few things as in the sense that it may tamper with their lives seldom.

In the case of a lady who felt her hair long made her queenly and gorgeous enough to reign in a perhaps ‘longest braids contest’ until she got on a motorbike and thought otherwise.

According to a video sighted on social media, it was an embarrassing moment after her hair got stuck in the wheel of a motor-cycle just because the hair was so long enough to reach the back wheel of the motorcycle.

The lady whose identity is unknown sat on the motorbike and just when the ‘okada man’ was about to depart, her ‘too long’ braids entered the wheel.

Eye-witnesses say she screamed out of pain until the ‘okada man’ got alarmed and stopped immediately only to realize that his passenger is in serious distress.

Fortunately for her, people came to her aid as they made the ‘Okada man’ reverse the wheel of the bike so her braids could be retrieved. Next time!

Watch video below:

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