Lady Who Broke Doctor’s Heart Breaks Down In Tears And Apologizes In New Video

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The lady who is said to have given a purported doctor a broken heart has in a new video apologized to him and to the general public.

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In a story that has been all over the media airwaves, a lady identified as Nana Ama got a health practitioner sobbing at his desk when he was supposed to be attending to patients.

In a video captured by a friend of the guy initially assumed to be a doctor, he was seen shedding tears like a child in the wake of her girlfriend hurting him.

Since the story broke, the guy has come out to deny that the lady in question is a slay queen as reported by various blogs and news outlets but his girlfriend who he has dated for 7 years running.

He clarified that he is a pharmacist and said that people misconstrued his profession because he was in a laboratory coat.

The embattled gentleman has come out to say that the lady in question’s parents cautioned him severally to make a public announcement to clarify that their daughter is not a slay queen which he did.

Meanwhile, Nana Ama has also addressed the public in a new video while also apologising to her now estranged boyfriend.

She claimed that after the incident, he has not been responding to her calls and pleaded with the public to help her reach her man.


Nana Ama reaffirmed her love for her fiancee adding that she was in no way a slay queen as portrayed by the media.

Watch the video below:





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