Let’s Come Together To Build A Better Industry – EL Entreats Musicians


Award-winning rapper and singer, EL is advising and encouraging his fellow Ghanaian artists to come together as one if they want to build a better industry.

Many musicians both mainstream and underground have been complaining about lacking of unity in the music industry.

According to the “Kaalu” hitmaker, the only we can build a better is for the artists to come together.

“We have to get together more. The industry is not a machine or material thing, it’s a human institution so the more we come together and make the right decisions regarding not just we but the people after us we will build a better industry. We need to come together, once we are able to do that, the sky is the limit. I always encourage my fellow artists, let’s come together to make we are building a better industry”, he told Amansan Krakye on Radio Central.

EL also revealed he has one big song coming out soon so the fans should watch out.

Source: www.ghvibes.net