Local dining (One Corner Garden)


On the corner is literally where the One Corner Garden is located. In Kokomlemle, you can’t miss it; the restaurant with the colourful mural on the outside.

Aside from the relaxing ambience, you can experience live music occasionally and good food during the week and weekends. One Corner Garden offers an array of fresh dishes with homegrown ingredients full of flavour and locality.

One warm evening, I had my first experience at One Corner and was fortunate to meet the owner, Ezra. From that day, I have been impressed by how much effort Ezra puts into making his customers feel welcomed and special. From then on, I knew I would be patronising One Corner and would tell my friends about it if they had not already discovered it.

If you are looking for local meets, meet outdoors, then One Corner can meet those needs.

They are still developing and have some exciting things in store coming shortly.

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