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Mahama is a tried and failed leader – Nana Akomea

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Nana Akomea

The Managing Director of the State Transport Corporation (STC), Nana Akomea, has urged the general public to prevent a re-election of as ‘s next president.

He wants the Ghanaian electorates to utterly disregard campaign messages by the 2024 (NDC) Candidate stressing that he has nothing new to offer.

The former Information Minister who was speaking at the acclamation event for Okaikwei South lawmaker, Darkoa Newman on Saturday January 7, described as a tried and failed leader.

The will hold its to select parliamentary candidates on January 27, 2024, for the upcoming general elections in December.

Darkoa Newman is one of the 30 incumbent Members of the party has cleared to go unopposed.

The former Okaikwei South lauded the constituents for maintaining and endorsing Darkoa Newman, but was quick to take a swipe at John Mahama for seeking a re-election to be Ghana’s next president.

”I wonder why the NDC elected John Mahama to lead them in the 2024 polls, because we know his track record as vice and president of Ghana”.

John Mahama is a tried and failed leader, he became president of Ghana for four and half years and what he did was, he plunged the country into “dumso” where people’s collapsed,” he stated.

Nana Akomea stressed that the former president is not a threat to the NPP because he failed woefully when he was given the opportunity to rule Ghana.

Darkoa Newman expressed gratitude to the delegates and entreated them not to renege on their campaign to ensure an overwhelming victory for NPP on December 7.

Story by Maxwell Otoo 3news.com

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