Man Detained After Making Threats To Publish Naked Videos Of Deceased Brother’s Wife.

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After threatening to publish nude videos of his late brother’s wife, a 30-year-old man was detained.When he appeared on the Obra Show on Nhyira FM, Michael Agyei made the threat live on the air.Grace Manu, 37, filed a case against Michael, her late husband’s younger brother, accusing him of not making good on a GHC 7,500 loan he took from her. After the death of her husband, Grace claims she had a brief, intimate connection with Michael.

She claimed that custom, which permits a widow to marry the brother-in-law, confirmed the relationship. But miscommunications, particularly disagreements over money, caused their relationship to deteriorate.

To request arbitration, Grace and Michael both went on the Obra Show. Michael said that Grace had threatened him with death because of the money he owed her during the adjudication process.He then admitted to having naked videos of Grace Manu that he threatened to make public if he was hurt.

I have so many videos of Grace, and if she keeps threatening me with death and curses over the money, I’ll leak every single one of them, he said. Michael had to be detained because of his threats, so the KNUST Police were called. At the police station, he is being questioned regarding the discovery of the nudist videos.

Story By: Frebetha A Adjoh

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