May God And Our Ancestors Bless Our Homeland – Quotation Master Prays For Ghana

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Cape Coast, 3rd November, 2020, African Traditional Religious practitioner, Kwaku Peprah also known as Lucifer or Quotation Master has offered traditional prayers seeking the face of the Almighty God, the ‘God’s’ of Ghana and the ancestors to help the country maintain peace during the 2020 elections at the Cape Coast Castle.

He performed the traditional prayers by pouring libation at the Nana Tibir’s shrine which is located in fifth chamber of the male dungeon at the Cape Coast Castle on the 31st of October 2020.

Quotation Master prayed to God Almighty and our ancestors to guide and guard our nation Ghana and also help the country to maintain the peace we are enjoying before, during and after the 2020 elections.

During the prayers, he invoked all the 77 god’s of Cape Coast and some other powerful ‘God’s’ of Ghana. “I pray seeking your protection for our dear motherland, and also summon anyone who has any diabolic mind of causing mayhem either before, during or after the elections in Ghana”. “Deal ruthlessly with such individuals” he added.

Mr. Peprah also invoked the spirits of our departed kit and Kin who lost their lives through the cruel treatment meted out to them during the trans Atlantic slave trade while they were kept in the dungeon. “I offer you drink today to remember you and to seek your help and protection for Ghana”. “I also seek your protection for myself and all others person around me and strike dead anyone who harbours any ill-feelings against me, my friends and our form or worship”.

Explaining why he chose to pray at the Cape Coast Castle, he said, it was appropriate and prudent to show reverence to all deities wherever one finds himself. “Cape Coast being an ancient city with a lot of God’s and with it’s peculiar history, it was only wise to do so” he added.

After the lengthy prayer section, Lucifer together with Rev Nyansa Boakwa of Happy FM, D.C. Kwame Kwakye of GBC Radio Central plus other members of his entourage were taken on a tour of the Cape Coast Castle.

The tour started at the entrance of the male dungeon, to the courtyard, a walk on the underground tunnel which served as the route the male slaves used before their perilous voyage overseas, then to the condemn cell for female recalcitrant slaves, the female dungeon, the door of no return, the condemn cell of the males, through the palaver Hall (where slaves were auctioned), then to the governor’s residence and it all ended at the the chapel which is accidentally the first English Church built in Ghana.

Ironically this church was built over the male dungeon of the Cape Coast Castle.

Quotation Master and his Entourage enjoyed the tragic narration by the tour guide at the Cape Coast Castle.

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