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Mayekoo unveils exclusive VIP experience prizes to elevate social impact crowdfunding campaigns

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Mayekoo, the leading social impact crowdfunding platform based in Accra, Ghana is thrilled to announce an exciting enhancement to its current fundraising campaigns – VIP experience-based prizes that promise a unique and unforgettable holiday season for lucky participants.

Mayekoo has consistently championed causes in education, healthcare, and environmental sustainability across Ghana and Africa. With an unwavering commitment to creating a positive impact, Mayekoo has embarked on various initiatives, including fundraising for the construction of a school in Ayenya, the Cornerstone Primary in Kenya, and the Vakpo Medical Center.

Notably, Mayekoo has played a pivotal role in the restoration of Labadi Beach, employing strategic investments in equipment like a beach rake and a tractor to combat pollution and safeguard marine life.

In a bid to further incentivize supporters, Mayekoo is pleased to introduce VIP experience prizes that exemplify luxury and cultural richness. Current prizes feature multiple exclusive 2-Day All-Access VIP tickets to the AfroFuture Festival, including associated events and after parties.

Lucky multiple winners will also enjoy complimentary 2-Night stays at premier 5-star hotels and resorts, such as the Movenpick and Kempinski Hotels in Accra and the picturesque Bridgeview Resort in Akosombo.

“These VIP experience prizes aim to not only reward our dedicated supporters but also elevate our fundraising campaigns’ overall engagement and impact,” said Michel Reynolds, Co-Founder of Mayekoo. “As we strive to make a lasting difference in education, healthcare and the environment, these prizes add an extra layer of excitement to the collective effort of creating positive change in Ghana and across Africa.”

Mayekoo encourages individuals and businesses to participate in the ongoing campaigns, emphasizing that every contribution makes a significant impact on the projects and initiatives supported by the platform.

The funds raised will continue to empower NGOs collaborating with Mayekoo and contribute to the ongoing improvement of Labadi Beach.

For more information on Mayekoo and its impactful initiatives, please visit www.mayekoo.com

About Mayekoo

Mayekoo is a dynamic social impact crowdfunding platform headquartered in Accra, Ghana. Committed to fostering positive change, Mayekoo channels funds into crucial projects in education, healthcare and environmental sustainability, with a focus on Ghana and the broader African continent. By harnessing the power of collective giving, Mayekoo empowers individuals and businesses to make a meaningful difference in their communities.

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