MC-Bauchemie Ghana Ltd to transform face of construction in Ghana


You live in Ghana. Your concrete walls are cracking and leaking. The concrete pillar in your garden is scaling. The concrete wall, on the other side of your bathroom, is always damp and it gives off a terrible smell.

Your beautifully painted concrete walls are constantly getting discoloured. You have constant questions on what cement to buy, how much water you need to add whilst mixing cement and chippings. And you are tired of tip-toeing around your office, just so that your heels do not make a loud noise when you step on the hollow tiles.

If you have had any of the aforementioned experiences, had any unpleasant encounters with concrete, in general, or you have observed such problems in the house or apartment of a family member or a friend, then you have every reason to be excited about the launch of MC-Bauchemie Ghana Limited.

Most of these concrete problems that one might chance upon, in Ghana, are indicative of an even greater problem.

Many construction stakeholders lack the understanding of concrete technology, and or fail to treat their working concrete with the right chemicals and products, which would, in turn, prolong the design life and increase the quality of the building that you live or work in, in the long run.

There are various reasons for this situation; from ignorance, to dishonesty in cutting construction costs, to unavailability of the necessary concrete chemicals, to pure negligence.

As a construction chemical company that is fully incorporated in Ghana, MC-Bauchemie Ghana Limited prides itself in being “a solution provider as opposed to a chemical supplier”.

Since its inception in 2016, MC-Bauchemie has been involved in the concrete technology training of over 700 individuals, as well as a substantial number of companies.

Their training model is structured in a manner that accommodates all levels of expertise; be it artisans, architects, engineers or non-technical individuals.

Moreover, the lessons are delivered from a practical point of view that considers the issues, which are likely to be encountered on site.

Through interactive sessions, these site constructional issues are discussed and solutions are proposed, by both the trainer and the trainee.

Apart from producing high-quality concrete chemicals, for domestic and commercial buildings, roads and any other concrete structure or item, MC-Bauchemie is leading the way in ensuring that high-quality concrete work, of the highest international standards, is available to every Ghanaian.

Three years after Ghana became home to this cutting-edge concrete technology, Accra shall be privileged to witness the official launch of MC-Bauchemie Ghana Limited and opening of Production Facility, on Wednesday, 17th July 2019, at the Marriott Hotel, Airport City – Accra.

“Since 2016, we’ve been doing a lot of surveillance [in Ghana]. It’s important to understand the market and its peculiar needs,” explains Mr. Noble Bediako, the Managing Director of MC-Bauchemie Ghana Limited.

“We found it necessary to start small and then to scale up, as we appreciated the Ghanaian terrain better. It was also very important for us to train the stakeholders and the professionals, in the construction industry. They are the ones, who work with concrete on a large and professional scale. They need to understand that you can ‘play’ with concrete on the site, once you have the right know-how and concrete chemicals, at your disposal. You can also prolong life or increase the durability of your concrete products and structures.”

“In 2019, Ghanaians shouldn’t have to live, or work in poorly constructed buildings, or even drive on poor concrete roads, simply because construction professionals [are failing them]. All it takes is the appropriate know-how and high-quality concrete chemicals. And that’s what we are here for – not just to produce and supply the [concrete] chemicals, but also to train Ghana’s construction professionals, so that they know what to use and how to use it. As our founder would put it, your chemical is as good as the application.”

“We have also understood that Ghana is blessed with a myriad of naturally available raw materials, which would not only be applicable as construction chemicals but also create more collaborative opportunities, and jobs. We at MC-Bauchemie Ghana Limited take pride in this by incorporating more than 70% of local raw materials in our construction chemical recipes.”

Additionally, MC-Bauchemie Ghana Limited has plans to educate the public, on the use and benefits of concrete chemicals:

“For the people who like to [engage] in DIY projects, we’ll be educating them, as well, through the media and our facebook page. But it’s not every concrete chemical that can be used by someone, who is not a professional applicator. If you use a [concrete] chemical wrongly, of course, you might not get the desired result and that could be an indictment on our brand. This is why the training of our construction professionals and applicators is of the utmost importance,” Mr. Bediako added.

This is a laudable move for Ghana’s construction industry, as MC-Bauchemie Ghana Limited is the only company amongst the largest global construction chemical companies, which has full operations in the country. The others work with local distributors.

On the macroeconomic side of things, this is great for Ghana’s economy, especially since the company is registered as a Ghanaian subsidiary of the German mother company, MC-Bauchemie Muller Gmbh & Co. KG.

In summary, if you live in Ghana and you are tired of (1) residing in buildings that leak a lot during the raining seasons (2) concrete pillars in your garden that are scaling (3) concrete walls on the other side of your bathroom that is always damp and gives off a terrible smell (4) your beautifully painted concrete walls constantly getting discoloured (5) tip-toeing around your office, just so that your heels do not make a loud noise, when you step on the hollow tile. Or you just want to be sure before you commence your construction– then be rest assured that you now have a partner in Ghana who cares as much, because MC-Bauchemie Ghana Limited got your back and is here to stay.

About MC-Bauchemie
MC-Bauchemie Ghana Limited was incorporated in Ghana in 2016, as the local subsidiary of MC-Bauchemie Muller Gmbh & Co. KG, Germany.

Globally, MC-Bauchemie is one of the leading international producers of building chemical products and technologies.

With more than 2,500 employees in over 40 countries, MC has acquired a renowned reputation for sophisticated and advanced concrete solutions and technologies.

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