MEGBORNA – The Journey album drops on Nov. 26

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Ghanaian poet, Megborna, has unveiled the track list for his highly anticipated Album, Megborna- The Journey due for release on Saturday, November 26, 2022.

The eleven tracks with a listening time of 46 minutes, the artist’s sophomore album, bears the same name as the artist as well as the lead singer on the album, Megborna (which in English translates as ‘I’m coming’).

The album is the coming-of-age project of the Ghanaian spoken word artist and musician during the break of dawn of his journey of conscious awakening of self.

Written before 2016 and produced between 2017 to 2022, the album is a cohesive message of Afro consciousness, Afro identity and culture, and a walk down the dreaded corridors of African history, the kind never taught in schools.

Megborna- The Journey is awalk down the ancient history of what is now Africa and the surfing current tides of today.

The entire album is cooled and made to settle in your mind with an Afro-spiritually intense and reflective groove, and the sound of freedom.

Starting off with Knock Knock, which is a bidding message highlighting the need to wake in one’s identity, the message is further reinforced in the lead piece, MEGBORNA.

The afro-spiritual groove which features Iver, is a call to reclaiming one’s African stories through indigenious narratives.

The album cohesively weaves into ALKEBULAN, a time of ancient beauty and glory, of long-forgotten powerful civilisation and a people.

It is a world of vivid reimagination of Africa in the time it was referred to as ALKEBULAN, drawing connections and looking through the timelines from long before Hanibal of ancient Carthage through Scipio Africanus of Rome’s war crusades in what is present day North Africa.

It looks at Ancient Kemet in all its grandeur, old works of Ile Ife, and the empires that existed long before what is now Africa and also recounts this land before its contact with Western worlds and Europe, tracing it through colonalism down to the present day.

Born Chris Parker Edzordzi Sefogah and hailing from Anloga in the Volta Region, Megborna works extensively with sound projections and techniques unique to Ghana and a dynamic twist of sound elements not so different from all the sounds worldwide.

Megborna has since 2010 navigated the waters of Spoken word, rap, beatbox and music, harnessing his lyrical skills and developing a traditional ear to his approach to spoken word and music.

His spoken word employs chants, meditations, incantations, whispers, expressions and projections inspired by the Ghanaian culture.

Proud of his Ewe roots, Megborna is heavily influenced by Ewe mannerisms, daily life, cultural, spiritual and traditional beliefs, drawing inspiration from Hakpanya, an all-encompassing word in the Ewe language for lyrics and poetry as well as other Ghanaian works.

He has successfully organized four in-house, internally funded spoken word shows; Megorna Album Listening in 2018, 180 Minutes of Poetry or Something Like in 2019, The Megborna Concert, 1st Kingx Edition in 2020 and Intimate Sessions in 2022.

Megborna is a two-time recipient of the Kofi Anyidoho Spoken Word Award at the 2018 and 2019 Ghana Literacy Awards by the Ghana Association of Writers.

He is a resident of Perfocraze International Artist Residency- 2022 and his works are available across all popular streaming platforms.

By Tina Ewoe

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