Military lesbian couple who got married has been detained and facing court-martial


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The military lesbian couple in the viral video has landed herself in a serious trouble.

Ghanaians were shocked after sighting videos of two women(lesbians) getting married.

In the video, these ladies were looking all-happy as they danced together while their guest cheered them on.

The Ghanaian social media terrain with much rage condemned the act. The majority were of the the view that such ungodly activity shouldn’t be tolerated in the country because it’s abominable.


Well, in a new development in respect of this news, apparently one of the lesbian ladies is a soldier with the armed forces.

The taller one in the video (the military woman) was detained by the armed forces and is reportedly facing a court-martial.

She faces the military court-martial for the offence of giving out a military uniform to a civilian, her alleged lesbian partner(who is a civilian) to take pre-wedding photos.

What at all is the world turning into? Why is homosexuality, a frowned practice in the society now gaining such speed popularity? Readers let’s get talking. What’s your take on this one?

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