Mixed reactions meet Akufo-Addo’s ministerial nominees


There have been mixed reactions to some of Nana Akufo-Addo’s ministerial nominees, especially in the home regions of nominees.

The most intense criticism for a nominee has come in the Volta Region where a group of New Patriotic Party supporters are opposed to the retention of Dr. Archibald Letsa.

In an interview with Citi News, the Convener of the Volta NPP Grassroots For Justice, Mawuli Amenuveve said there are more appealing candidates for the position and has served notice of a protest.

“His re-appointment will meet our rejection. We are going to demonstrate on Monday the 25th of January to exercise our displeasure.”

The group fears that the party will “definitely make the party unpopular and diminish the gains and hard work of the grassroots.”

A cross-section of the public in the Upper West Region have expressed mixed reactions to the retention of Dr. Bin Salih as their Regional Minister.

While some welcome the new development others are demanding that he delivers on his renewed mandate.

One resident said he deserved a second chance.

“He is representing the President and if somebody represents you and represents you well, I think you give him a second chance to continue.”

Other nominations received overwhelming support like that of the MP for Damongo, Samuel Abu Jinapor who has been nominated as the Minister for Lands and Natural Resources.

Mr. Jinapor was among the 15 new persons selected as ministers in the new government.

His people in Damongo hope his appointment will bring more development to the area.

“We have an opportunity to open up development in the Savananay Region once we have the son of the Savana Region being nominated as the Lands and Natural Resources Minister and a son being nominated as the Savannah Regional Minister,” a Damongo resident said.

Some residents in applauded the President for removing Kwamena Duncan as the Central Regional Minister.

Whilst some say they did not benefit from his leadership, others say Kwamena Duncan contributed to the NPP’s failure in Central Region.

All the names of the nominees have been submitted to Parliament for vetting and approval.

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