Moment huge rogue wave smashes into pedestrians on Miami sidewalk (video)

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Horror moment huge rogue wave smashes into pedestrians on Miami sidewalk injuring six after it washed them into the sea.

Six people were injured when the torrent of water crashed into them after Hurricane Ian passed through South Florida.

Despite the blue skies, the ocean at Miami Beach seemed to remain under the control of the catastrophic storm on Friday.

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The monstrous “king tide”, a non-scientific term used to describe exceptionally high tides, had merged with a rough surf.


The worrying combination is known to create dangerous water conditions and spilled onto the shoreline at around 10.45am.

Dramatic footage captured the moment locals were swept off the sidewalk and into the water as the rogue wave hit near South Pointe Park.

Four women and two men were injured during the incident and rushed to hospital after being saved by Ocean Rescue units.

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They suffered “minor injuries” and the area has now been closed until further notice, city spokesperson Melissa Berthier said.

One eyewitness took photos of the incident, showing victims with cuts on their arms and legs, according to WSVN.

One person appeared to have sustained a head injury. Bystander Williams Schachte said: “I have never seen the water this turbulent, ever.”

He had cycled to the park with his pal Tim Carr after noticing the unruly waves from their condo building.

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Tim added: “‘I was really kind of shocked. It’s kind of the perfect storm between king tides this month and I think the remnants of Ian.”

Miami-Dade Fire Rescue warned locals it is not safe to go in the water and raised two red flags signifying the high surf advisory.

Spokesperson Erika Benitez said: “It is highly recommended that beachgoers understand the dangers associated to king tide, like rip currents and high surf conditions, which can be very dangerous and at times deadly.”

The US Coast Guard said it has saved 325 people and 83 pets so far.

Miami managed to swerve any major consequences of Hurricane Ian, but sea levels still surged up to two feet higher than normal.

The terrifying storm first made landfall in Florida on Wednesday as a Category 4 hurricane, bolstered by 150mph winds.

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