Ned Nwoko A Hot Cake- Rita Daniels Threatens To Go Spiritual If Chika Ike Does Not Leave Ned Nwoko Alone

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It is alleged that the mother of Regina Daniels, Rita Daniels, was seen in a video telling Nollywood movie producer, Chika Ike, to leave her daughter’s husband Ned Nwoko, alone or suffer the consequences of a spiritual act.

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This was revealed by a blogger called Ada Nanka and shared by another blogger called Ijeoma Daisy. Ada claimed, Nollywood actress and producer, Chika had resumed her romantic relationship with Ned Nwoko, so Rita Daniels cautioned her to leave Ned Nwoko alone, Ada also claim Chika uploaded a photo of her with Ned but deleted it later on.

Chicka had been in a romantic relationship with Ned long before Regina came along, but Chika put a stop to their relationship when Regina Daniels came along, its clear Chika wants to resume her relationship with Billionaire, Ned Nwoko.

Watch the video below;


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