Never move to stay in a man’s house without your parent’s blessing – Michy


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The baby mama of Shatta Wale, Michy seems to have turned into an advicer and using her life experience to advise people.

According to the lady who spent almost 8 years of her life with Shatta Wale, she warned that no lady should move in to stay with her boyfriend without getting a blessing from her parents.

Off late, there have been this craze of women moving in to stay with their boyfriends in the bid to secure themselves in their lives against any other woman.

This new craze has led to a lot of ladies crying out saying that they have been used and dumped by the boyfriends after leaving their parents house to stay with them for some number of years.

Speaking in an interview with Emelia Brobbey, Michy explained the need for ladies to receive their parent’s blessings before moving out because it’s that lead them to the greatest path.

According to her, the first time she harboured the idea of moving in to stay in Shatta Wale’s house, her mum was against it but because she was head over heels about her relationship with the musician, she ignorned her and moved in to stay with him.

She concluded that patience is supreme so no one should allow someone’s life dictate to them that they are lagging behind.

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