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New “Admission Checker” website streamlines University application process in Ghana

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By Jacqueline Ampo

Ghanaian high school students (SHS) and graduates can now breathe a sigh of relief with the launch of the “Admissions Checker,” a web application designed to simplify the often stressful university application process.

This innovative platform empowers students to make informed decisions about their university choices by assessing their chances of gaining admission to specific programs.

Previously, students might have applied to numerous universities, incurring significant costs, only to find out later they weren’t qualified. The Admissions Checker tackles this issue by allowing students to enter their WASSCE or NOVDEC results.

The system then compares these results with admission requirements from various universities and programs, using an algorithm to predict the student’s likelihood of acceptance.

This allows students to target their applications to universities where they have a higher chance of success. “This is not limited to just your final exams,” said Joshua Anoumou Agbenu, Public Relations Officer for the Admissions Checker team.

“Students can use the checker throughout their high school career to get a sense of which universities and programs are a good fit for them.” The Admissions Checker also aims to reduce the anxiety and uncertainty surrounding university applications, both for students and their parents. By providing early guidance on program and university selection, students can avoid the last-minute scramble and disappointment of receiving rejections.

Accessibility is a key feature of the Admissions Checker. “We understand that internet access can be limited in some areas,” said Albert Tetteh, a partner on the project with Verbal Transformers. “The platform is designed to be lightweight and function even with slow internet connections.

Additionally, basic information can be accessed through WhatsApp messages, ensuring everyone has the opportunity to use the service.” The Admissions Checker represents a significant step forward for Ghanaian students seeking higher education. This user-friendly platform empowers students to make informed decisions, ultimately leading to a smoother and more successful university application process.

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