No Human Being Should Wish Death On Even Enemies -Kweku Baako Shocking Reaction To J.J Rawlings’ Death

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Rawlings Is Dead: Editor-In-Chief for Crusading Guide Newspaper Abdul Malik Kweku Baako has reacted to the passion on of former President Jerry John Rawlings.

The Ace broadcast Journalist has always had his own banta against Jerry John Rawlings, where he was threatened to expose the former President.

However, after hearing that the former president is dead, although he was not the best friend of him, said he never wished death on Jerry John Rawlings in all his verbal encounter against and also for him.

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He said “No human being is to wish death even on his greatest enemy. All of us will move on and so I wish the family my sincerest condolences.”

Mr. Malik Kwaku Baako added “Examining his legacy and his impact on Ghana’s history is for another day. A time will come, positives and negatives will be put and there will be a balance sheet and we will all have something to say but I think it will be unfair and inappropriate on my part to subject his place in Ghanaian history now.”


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