No matter what we do to provoke you, don’t hit us; we’re women


The mid-morning host of Accra base Ahotor FM Agyewodin Akosua Sakyibea has said that men should not abuse the power given to them by beating up women.

Speaking with the morning show host Citizen Kofi Owusu on Ahotor FM monitored by, Akosua Sakyibea said no matter the level of provocation from a woman a man should be able to restrain himself.

There has been news recently of men abusing their partners with some even leading to death and this has raised concerns.

Reacting to the recent abuse the mid-morning host said ” men should be able to retrain themself no matter the provocation because every man that hit a woman is a very weak person. Whatever the reason is and no matter the situation every man that will hit a woman is weak,” she said.

Adding on she said that some of the blame should go down to how we were raised up as children in our homes.

“Women are been taught how to deal with their husbands and how to handle their homes but men do not receive such training and this is a major problem causing abuse in various marriages and relations,” she stated.

Source: Agyapong Agyapa/2021

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