No one paid a dime when my fiance tried raising funds for my sickness- Waakye blames celebs

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Veteran actor, Prince Yawson, known for his famous movie character Waakye, has disclosed that he was forsaken at a time when he needed help the most.

According to him, the idea to solicit funds to help cater for his sickness was brought up by his partner.

Speaking to Joy News, an almost emotional Waakye said that a time when he was bedridden and on the verge of passing on, he was ignored.

He explained to Joy News’ Doreen Avio that his fiancee put out a mobile money account for donations but not a penny dropped into the account.

Although, he initially was not into asking people to donate, his partner was convinced to put out a number for donations during an interview she granted in relation to his health complications.

“If people are putting mobile money accounts out for me, fine, but I have not received a dime from anybody … so everyone must know that if anyone is receiving money on my behalf, then they are keeping it,” he said.

Meanwhile, news broke somewhere in August that the actor had recovered from his illness but was refused exit from the hospital because he was yet to pay his bills in full.

However, he was discharged as rapper C-Real presumably covered the bills outstanding.

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