Now the slay queens can’t snap again because they are in their real homes


The outbreak of the Coronavirus has dealt a heavy blow to the lavish and somewhat cosmetic life of our slay queens.

Not only can they not snap again but they have vanished from our timelines into physical quarantine.

These slay queens who used to flood our timelines with captions like “Hanging out with my boo” or “Chilling in Los Angeles” can’t be found even with the help of a GPS.

On the flip side, sugar daddies and sugar mummies are biting their fingers in pain, shock, and surprise. Oh! perhaps they are happy because their money and private parts are now isolated.

Now from a queen who slays, we have queens who sleep, snore and are quarantined.

We all thought these ladies will post photos with captions like ‘Hanging out with papa Corona”, “A day out at the beach with COVID-19” or “Finally, Coronavirus, sent me a dm”

Laughing out loud! I know you are laughing loud by now. Oh my God, everything really has its time.

Can we all sing:

‘Now the Coronavirus is here,
Slay queens are running away,
They are slaying in their rooms
Self-quarantine is here



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