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NPP government scared of Kenyan youth uprising- Mahama Ayariga

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By Rachel Quartey

The Member of Parliament for Bawku Central, Mr. Mahama Ayariga says the NPP Government is frightened by the youth uprising in Kenya, hence it has dropped some crumbs to the youth of Ghana with the hope of appeasing them to prevent a similar sentiment in Ghana.

The NDC Legislator recalled that the banking sector collapse alone costs Ghana more than 20,000 jobs directly and indirectly. Reports say bank workers lost their jobs and service providers to the banks also lost their jobs. Businesses and individuals who relied on their investments with the banks to run their own micro and small-scale industries saw a collapse of their businesses and hence their employees lost jobs as well.

Mr. Ayariga stated that several years after the private sector has been dealt a debilitating blow and unemployment has created a very despondent youth, the NPP figured out that announcing 11,000 recruitment into the security agencies will calm the nerves of the youth.

“But the refusal to use a fair and transparent process to carry out the recruitment might fuel more anger against the political class,” Mr. Mahama Ayariga said.

“We must fight for the youth with no political connections, to be given a fair and equal opportunity as citizens”, he added.

The Bawku Central MP said “What is about to happen is potentially the greatest scandal in Ghana’s security sector recruitment history. This rogue exercise must be resisted”.

The media reported earlier that the Interior Minister said the 11,000 recruits into the security agencies announced by Government will come from a preexisting list of youth applicants and those who are not part of the list will not be considered.

It was reported that the NPP Government allegedly shared 30 slots each to their Parliamentary Candidates in the forthcoming elections, to distribute to their party Foot soldiers. Following this development, the Minority in Parliament had earlier called for a probe into the matter.

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