Nungua Residents Accuse Military Of Brutality

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Some residents of Nungua have accused military personnel from the Southern Command of attacking them in an attempt to evict them from their homes.

The land in question, they said, is part of a parcel of land government took from the traditional authorities of Nungua for an Animal Husbandary project but was never used.

Frederick Okley Ashong, a resident and leader of the attacked residents said the Nungua traditional authorities, in an attempt to reclaim their land took the matter to court and an injunction had been placed on the land yet military personnel continue to defy the court order to attack them.

He has therefore called on President Akufo-Addo to look into the matter and ensure that lands taken over from the chief and people of Nungua and earmarked for projects which never materialized, are returned to them.

He noted that their population as custodians of Nungua lands were fast increasing hence they needed a place to settle with their families but instead of government handing over their lands to them, the lands have been sold to some estate developers who use military to terrorize them.

“We also need what is left of the land for our children, we have no land anywhere to resettle and we are fed up with these military brutalities over our own lands,” he said

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