Oil companies must sit-up to curb spread of COVID-19

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The Western Regional Minister, Kwabena Okyere Darko Mensah, has charged oil and gas companies to sit-up to avert further spread of COVID-19 at the Jubilee Field.

The Minister who was speaking to Citi News after a briefing from the Health Directorate in Sekondi on the situation also charged the Petroleum Commission which is the regulator to quickly ensure that oil and gas companies adhere to the COVID-19 protocols.

“It is very important that the oil and gas industry in the Western Region which Ghana depends on is protected from any adverse effects of COVID-19. This is very important because when they go off the light also goes off. We wouldn’t get gas to power and fuel our vehicles and industries. So I believe that the oil companies are international companies who understand health and safety and therefore it is important and incumbent on them to make sure that they do the right thing. The Petroleum Commission that works closely with them should always be on the lookout to make sure that they practice the proper health and safety so that it doesn’t affect the Western Region and Ghana. Oil and gas companies need to sit-up, really sit-up.”

Kwabena Okyere Darko-Mensah also added that what is happening at the Jubilee Field May be as a result of somebody lowering the protocols and cautioned against that.

“I know that immediately COVID-19 came, a lot of them were implementing the protocols. Even before you board the FPSO or even before you get onto the helicopter, you are quarantined for 14 days. But I believe that along the line, someone felt that it was too safe to be quarantined, that’s why we could see some of the infections. Currently, we know that we have 57 in the Petroleum sector. They have all been isolated now and we are hoping that those on board will appreciate the reason why they need to follow the protocols.”

The Regional Minister also cautioned residents to adhere to the established social distancing protocols to aid what the health directorate is doing to curtail further spread of the virus in the region.

Ghana’s case count of COVID-19

As of Friday, May 29, 2020, Ghana had recorded 7,616 with 2,421 and 34 deaths.

Regional breakdown

The Greater Accra region still leads as the region with the most number of cases followed by the Ashanti Region.

  • Greater Accra Region – 5,331
  • Ashanti Region – 1,160
  • Western Region – 395
  • Central Region – 376
  • Eastern Region – 117
  • Western North Region – 63
  • Volta Region – 59
  • Northern Region – 36
  • Oti Region – 26
  • Upper East Region – 26
  • Upper West Region – 22
  • North East Region – 2
  • Savannah Region – 1
  • Bono Region – 1
  • Bono East Region – 1

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