Only hypocrites claim gospel music is not about making money- Kwaku Gyasi


Veteran Ghanaian gospel musician, Kwaku Gyasi has refuted the notion that gospel music is not a money-making venture and believes that it is not wrong for one to see gospel music as purely a business-minded venture.

He said if gospel musicians don’t accept the reality by ignoring the money making aspect of their divine calling then they will become a laughing stock in future by not saving enough against unforeseen eventualities.

He opined “Anyone who tells you that the gospel music industry isn’t about money making should be ignored. As for me in my life I don’t do any other work apart from being a musician. That’s what has fed me up til now so it’s my personal job and my divine calling.

“It’s a whole ministry by itself so as for money it’s very important. Without money how can you survive and for you to devote your time demands a lot of money. The car you’ll use is about money, your house you’ll rent, your maintenance and even in future when you can no longer churn out songs, you’ll need money to keep you going”.

Speaking to Cape Coast’s finest radio personality, Amansan Krakye in a virtual chit chat on GBC Radio Central monitored by, Kwaku Gyasi advised other gospel artistes to stop the hypocrisy and accept the reality that making money is necessary.

He added “So it is this time that we’re strong that we have to make money so that we don’t become a liability on our family and beg for aid for the name of God to be tarnished in future. As a gospel artiste, it is strictly business that I’m involved in. Because when you invite me for a church service and you don’t bless me remember I came with a car and besides I need to look good in terms of my outfit. 

“Always you need to dress well since you are a public figure and all this involves money. So who’ll disprove that music is not a full time job and no gospel artiste will reject your money after performing at your church. So we should call a spade a spade and the truth is always one so we don’t need to be hypocrites because gospel music is a full time job”.

Sometimes, you often come across a news item of a veteran gospel artiste who will be begging for aid when they’re no longer churning out songs because most of them regard their profession as one that should not be focused on making money. Krakye/2020

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