Home Entertainment Osofi Kyiri Abosom dirties estranged wife, sends hot message to her

Osofi Kyiri Abosom dirties estranged wife, sends hot message to her

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Osofo Kyiri Absom has unapologetically told his estranged wife that he has the power to impregnate as many women as possible.

This comes after he was accused of partaking in extramarital affairs and having a baby with another woman. The man of God alluded to it in his church.

According to him, his estranged wife was haughty, showed him no respect, and peddled falsehoods about his work as a preacher.

Osofo Kyiri Abosm did not only officially announce the end of his marriage but also said he could marry as many women as he pleases.

According to him, he has the power to add more women to his wives’ list, including members of his church… for which he would not allow his wife’s leaving to affect his decisions.

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“If I want, I will add some of you here to the list.” The work is huge, and as time goes on, I will marry more women. “I have the power to do so, and I will,” he said.

As a man of God, I have the power to impregnate any women I like”

Osofo Kyir Abosm was married to Princess Andrews.

Watch the Full Video HERE.

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