Otto Addo Acknowledges The Error In Brazil’s Pick And Promises To Improve.

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Otto Addo has acknowledged that his decision-making on Friday night, when the Black Stars fell to the Selecao 3-0, was flawed. 

Brazil’s first-half brilliance did the damage as they defeated Ghana with three goals in a match that appeared to be more one-sided. 

The coach was eager to acknowledge that he made mistakes in the match against the five-time world champions at Le Havre after receiving harsh criticism for Addo’s starting lineup for the encounter.

“I’ll begin with myself because perhaps the system wasn’t correct. After the game, Addo stated, “I have to look at it again and ask myself some questions first.

The lineup was strong, but we still need to put in more effort, particularly on set pieces and in closing lanes. Too many spaces existed between the lines.

“I think I made mistakes, I learnt a lot more about my players, and picking the next 11 will depend on the performance in the next game.”

Addo however, commended the second half performance from his team.

“In the second half, we showed we can also compete with them not only against the ball but also with the ball. Better positions, we had some half chances. I’m happy that in the second half we didn’t allow [a lot of chances].”

The Black Stars will face Nicaragua in the next game on Tuesday in Spain.

Source by Frebetha A Adjoh

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