Our leaders are our biggest disappointment in this country – Yvonne Nelson


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Award-winning actress and movie producer Yvonne Nelson has focused her radar on politicians and leaders of the country, Ghana.

The actress was recently in the news for comments she made about the hypocritical attitudes of some industry players in the entertainment industry.

Her statements incurred the wrath of other entertainers who came out to blast her. Names like Kobi Rana, Gloria Sarfo etc came at her in full blast.

Yvonne Nelson, in her latest tweets, has described all politicians as liars.

According to her, they come to the people with deception and fabricated promises to win their votes every four years.

She advised the electorates to focus on their life adding they should channel their energies in doing productive things rather than wasting time on unnecessary fights and arguments.

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Yvonne Nelson in another tweet averred that the leaders of this country are our biggest disappointment.

Initially, she had so much faith in them but after testing waters, she has come to terms that they are all the same.

She wrote;

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