“Pamper your cheating husband rather than leaving him for another lady to enjoy” – Counsellor Charlotte Oduro to wives


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Counsellor Charlotte Oduro has admonished wives never to leave their husbands after they had cheated.

According to her, it is an unwise decision for any woman to abandon her home for another woman to occupy on grounds that her husband has cheated.

In an interview on Kofi TV, Counsellor Charlotte Oduro said wives should learn to pamper their husbands even after they had cheated. According to her, by so doing, a woman protects her home and wins the favour of the man.

She insisted that no woman should abandon a marriage she has worked years for only for another woman to take over with the explanation that the man has engaged in acts of infidelity.

“If my husband cheats, I am not leaving him. I will die with him. Maybe, my actions are the reason he is cheating so I will change my ways and pamper him to love me again,” Counsellor Charlotte Oduro



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