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Paramount chief of Tatale enskined Obore Sagbe Tininyitob Likorwuli as new Bedribombe Chief

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Obore Gariba Yankosor II, the Paramount chief of Tatale Traditional Area has enskined a 55 year old Obore Sagbe Tininyitob Likorwuli as the new Bedribombe Chief, in the Tatale Traditional Area in the Northern Region.

Obore Likorwuli I is the first chief of the area to be enskined as they previously served as Linguist of all the past and present 13th Nakpali Borile Chieftainy of Tatale Traditional Area.
He has two wives with eight children comprising four boys and four girls.

Obore Gariba Yankosor II said the enskinment of the chief became necessary as the people of Bedribombe appealed to him to enskin a chief to be selected by them for the community for unity and development.

He said after the endkinment, they would still play a role of the Chief Linguist because the community was big with a large population and needed a chief to represent them at the Traditional Area whenever there were meetings amongst others.

According to Nakpali Bore when he was enskined by the late Ya-Na Yakubu Abdulai Andani in 2001 there were only chiefs of Nachemba Obore Boadimay, chief of Kuyuli Kpanti Kwesi Baatobe and chief of Sheini Obore Chamaya Boadi who had all passed on.

He said with the Bedribombe chief he had 30 chiefs for the Tatale Traditional Area and advised the new chief to do all his things in consultation with his elders, opinion leaders, the youth, women groups in his area to have peace, unity and development.

Obore Yankosor II expressed his appreciation to all the 35 chiefs including those who came from outside his Traditional Area and the security services who were keeping the peace in the area for successful enskinement.

Some of the chiefs who were at the enskinement included, Lakpal Bore Kwawai Yaw Simon, Sheini Bore Kojo Mgmalo, Obore Gabuja Kumayi John, Tatale Queen Mother Yaa Mbola, Kuyuli Solo Bore Kpante Baatobe, Bekabonbe Bore Ali Jimba, Kpabutab Bore Mgalangnim Belikpene amongst others.

In his welcome address on behalf of the elders of Bedribombe Elder Baadim Kwaku Sampson commended all the chiefs and elders that ensure the successful enskinment.

He called on Bedribombe people to celebrate for the success they hadchalked from the days of hunting, farming and petty trading uptill date.
He said the elders of the area pledged to support the chief whenever the need arise.

For his part the new chief Sagbe Tininyitob assured Nakpali Bore Gariba Yankosor II that he would abide by the advice Ya-Na Abukari II gave him when he sent him to him (Ya-Na).

He also pledged to serve Nakpali Bore as he would not do anything without consulting his people as advised by him (Nakpali Bore).

More than 800 people from Tatale and beyond were present at Bedribombe to witness the enskinment

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