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Police Officer allegedly explains why he killed 26-year-old girlfriend [Video]

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New details have emerged in the case of 26-year-old Victoria Dapaa, also known as Maa Adwoa, who was shot and killed by her boyfriend in Kumasi, Ghana.

It has been confirmed that the perpetrator is a married police inspector with children. According to an eyewitness , Maa Adwoa was shot five times by her lover at the forecourt of Dufie Towers in Adum, Kumasi, over relationship issues.

The police officer suspected her of cheating on him, and although she denied the allegations, he became increasingly angry.

The eyewitness reported that the officer first kissed Maa Adwoa before shooting her to death. Maa Adwoa’s uncle, who was also present at the scene, stated that the police officer first shot her in the forehead and then multiple times in the stomach and other parts of her body until she fell and died.

The police officer, who is now in hiding, has spoken out about the incident in a video that is circulating online. In the video, he called one of his trusted relatives to inform her about the atrocity he committed.

According to the officer’s voice in the video, he killed Maa Adwoa because she was mistreating him despite his good care for her.

He also hinted that he may end his own life to avoid shame, guilt, and prison. The video has caused outrage and condemnation on social media, with many calling for the officer to be brought to justice.

The tragic incident has once again highlighted the issue of domestic violence in Ghana, with many activists calling for more action to be taken to protect women from abusive relationships.


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