Policy makers urged to engage psychologists

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Policy makers in the country have been urged to engage psychologists, to ensure successful outcomes.

“Engaging psychologists would ensure proper diagnosis and intervention development for the various sectors of the country.”

Dr. Erica Danfrekua Dickson, Head Psychology Unit, 37 Military Hospital, said this at a Public Lecture in Accra, to mark Psychology Week 2021.

She spoke on the theme, “Psychological Well-being: The Bedrock of Nation Building,” and said because humans only performed best when in the right frame of mind, the work of the psychologist, was crucial to socio economic growth.

Dr. Dickson said with every sector of the nation being manned by humans and also depending on humans to succeed, a good understanding for the connection between a person’s mental health and his or her level of productivity, was critical to an effective nation building.

She said, putting this understanding to practice would result in a nation of healthy minded people, who would be committed to the national cause, through their respective areas of engagement.

The lecture was organised by the Ghana Psychology Association.

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