Princess Shyngle To Expose Married Men Who Keep Sending Her Love Proposals


Actress, Princess Shyngle has warned married men to stay away from her else she will start exposing them to their wives.

According to the screen diva, several married men have been disturbing her with love proposals and she is tired of that, hence has decided to expose any married man who dares sends her a message about relationship.

Shyngle believes exposing them is the only way to go now because she is tired of them. She warned that she will start taking screenshots of their messages and send them to their wives.

If you’re a married man and you mistakenly slide into my dm asking me out or even complimenting me I’m going to screenshot it and send it to your wife. I’m not joking, I’m about to dm a few wives with a screenshot of their husband on my dm 🙄🙄🤪 . CEO @snatchedbyprincess


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