Prophet Kumchacha curses politicians involved in NAM1 scam with holy oil over locked up money (Video)


The founder and Leader of Heaven’s Gate Ministry, Prophet Nicholas Osei popularly known as Prophet Kumchacha has rained curses on the leaders of the country involved in the NAM1 scam.

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According to the man of God, he can’t comprehend by EOCO, the National Security, Bank of Ghana and the BNI allowed the CEO of Menzgold, Nana Appiah Mensah to fraud Ghanaians.

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He also asked who gave Nana Appiah Mensah the license and authority to fraud Ghanaians and later eloped.

Prophet Kumchacha who was really angry hurled curses at leaders involved in the NAM1 scam.

According to him, every leader involved in this scam will suffer a serious heart attack without a cure.

He also added that every leader who played a role in this scam will never be able to satisfy his woman sexually and that the sexual organ will not be able to work.

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Prophet Kumchacha further stated that the politicians do not care about the people of Ghana but only amass wealth for themselves and their families.

He added that any politician who has ever used Ghana’s money to acquire properties for themselves will suffer a stroke and HIV Aids.

The man of God further explained that he can’t be silent about all the wicked things happening in the country.

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According to him, Ghanaians are still living in hardship even after 60 years of independence and that God will punish every politician who only cares about amassing wealth.