Quotation Master On Spiritual Implications Of Names And How To Find The Right Name For Your Child

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Cape Coast, 22nd August 2021, African Traditional Spiritualist, Teacher and Advocate, Nana Kwaku Peprah has debunked the status quo of how names are picked and given to children.

“The fact that something has been done over the years doesn’t make it right. What you know concerning giving names to children might not be appropriate and people must changed”.

He revealed that, people should not just give names to their kids or just name them after relatives because that has been the traditionally accepted practice over the years but seek to give names that is in sync with the soul of the child.

Quotation Master has he commonly known, outlined three steps through which the appropriate name can be found for a child which shall be in sync with the child’s spiritual make up.

Firstly, he said when a woman takes seed or a child is born, the parents must go and consult a spiritualist to help them ascertain the true identity of the child. Where from the child and the mission for which the child is destined to accomplish?

Secondly, he added that, parents must find out which of the four spiritual elements (water, earth, air and fire) does the child belong?

“This is critical because if your child is a water element and you give the child a name which is fiery, it shall douse the child’s potentialities because water and fire don’t match”.

Additionally, he said “If your child is a water element and you give the child a name that is airy or of earthy element, it shall be favourable to your child along the journey of life”.

This is because water rest on the earth and before rain comes the wind. These are compatible elements. “Don’t just give your child any name but consciously seek names that is in sync with the child’s spirituality”.

He underscored that, after all these have done and it is found out that, the child is an ancestors, then, a name of that ancestor can be given the child.

“It is always advisable to seek spiritual counsel as to who actually the child you have is before naming the child”.

The above notwithstanding, there two categories of names on this earth: Spiritual names and normal names.

Spiritual names are those of deities including Birim, Prah, Tanoh, Densu etc and there normal names of persons which has no spiritual implications.

“If any those deities are linked to your family or is your family God, then you can name your child after that spirit if it’s permissible. When that happens the deity shall always accompany your child, guard and assist your child in all ways”.

“If your family isn’t linked to the deity in anyway, it becomes a normal name which shall not have any impact on your child”.

However, he cautioned people against the use of foreign names since most people don’t understand the etymology of those names. “Some of the foreign names are names of gods and spirits. You name your child after those spirits and what do you expect to happen” he quizzed.

He made these revelations when he spoke to DC Kwame Kwakye on his “About Life” show monitored on his YouTube channel dubbed “DC Kwame Kwakye” on the topic “Names and It’s Implications on Us.

In concluding, he advised that if your parents gave you a name that isn’t helping you,” You can change it and give yourself a name that can help you. You’re not under any obligation to use the name your parents gave you which you think is militating against you” he ended.

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