Reason why I cover the faces of my children in family photoshoot -Sonnie Badu

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Unlike other men of God, Dr Sonnie Badu in all the pictures of him together with his family sighted on the internet, fails to show the nice faces of his children.

The pictures are either uploaded blurring the kid’s faces or their hands cover the faces. 

This has caused many people to wonder why, the general overseer of the founder and lead Pastor of Rockhill Church in Atlanta, Georgia always cover the faces of his kids in a family photoshoot he shares online. Well, the answer is here!

Sharing for the first time the reason behind covering his kids’ faces, Dr Sonnie Badu revealed he does that to protect himself and his children from spiritual attacks that may be directed by the evil one.

According to him, the fact that people can take photos and use them to attack others spiritually, he’s much sensitive on that issues and considering his work as Pastor, people can just attack him through his children.

This he explains is his decision to cover their faces. 

He adds as part of his line of work as a clergyman who delivers people from evil spirits and bondages, he must protect his children.

“Your children can go through some attacks and you might not know where it is coming from but it will be from the kind of exposure you gave them across the world. 

Some post photos of their newborns but the witches in their household will just use the baby’s photo and if the child does not have a strong spirit, they can kill the baby, buy sickness”

Dr Sonnie Badu, an award-wining Gospel musician and an influential figure in African gospel music, made these statements in an interview with one of Kumawood’s finest actors, Kwaku Manu. 

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