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Rema Collaborates With Shallipopi and ODUMODUBLVCK On New Album ‘HEIS’

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The greatest praise Rema could receive is probably that he has always had a clear vision for his art. Rema (born Divine Ikubor) has operated with the certain air of a generational genius since referring to himself as “the future” right away in 2019. His ethereal melodies, dynamic stage performances, and frightening images have inspired a new generation of budding artists, while also serving as a lighthouse for Afropop’s global spread. A lot has transpired in the two years since he released his debut album, Rave & Roses—including the breakout track “Calm Down” and its Selena Gomez-assisted remix, which sent the singer to the top of the charts in Europe and the United States.

HEIS, Rema’s follow-up to Rave & Roses, arrives unexpectedly and is packed with more of the unrestrained experimentation that has earned him a name. The album—11 songs in under 30 minutes—marks Rema’s transition into a new age as he grapples with the delights of global popularity and the pressures of being at the vanguard of African music. He is eager to be recognized for his contributions to the culture, defiantly establishing himself at the pinnacle of Afropop’s taxonomy on the punk-influenced “HEHEHE”. Over a boisterous instrumental on the title track, he makes a case for cross-continental pollination by incorporating Swahili into the song, which proclaims his musical grandeur.

Both of Nigeria’s 2023 breakout talents have joined Rema’s metaverse: Shallipopi, a fellow Benin native, dials in for a love letter to their city on “BENIN BOYS,” and Abuja rapper ODUMODUBLVCK offers a thundering verse on “WAR MACHINE.” Still, the storyline of HEIS is completely Rema’s, as he declares that he’s poised for further success on “MARCH AM” and boasts about his triumphs on the P.Priime-produced “YAYO”. It all feels like the work of a frank creator reminding his audience that he’s still at the forefront of Afropop, laying the groundwork for the genre’s future.

Get it here : https://album.link/i/1755408609

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