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RnB Princess Returns with Bigger Things! 19/07

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Get ready to manifest your next reality! Rising Nigerian songstress RnB Princess is ready to take over the world with her electrifying new release, Bigger Things. This infectious 2-pack single, dropping on 19th July, is an anthem for anyone chasing their dreams and refusing to settle.

Bigger Things showcases RnB Princess’ signature blend of smooth R&B vocals, Afrobeats infusion and captivating storytelling. It’s the perfect summer anthem to blast on repeat while setting your sights on your biggest goals. 

Bigger Things is more than just a catchy tune – it’s the heart of her introduction to the “Manifestation Music” movement. This movement aims to transform songs borne out of pain and negativity and to inspire and empower listeners through the power of music and positive affirmations.

Bigger Things seamlessly blends classic R&B elements with a fresh,contemporary sound, creating a unique sonic experience that will resonate with audiences worldwide.

To ensure this release reaches every dream chaser out there, RnB Princess and her team have planned a dynamic promotional campaign. Stay tuned for exciting social media content, captivating visuals, events/performances, PR placements, and strategic partnerships designed to elevate the song’s impact.

RnB Princess is ready to make her mark on the global music scene, and Bigger Things is the electrifying first step. With its powerful message and undeniable groove, this song is poised to become an anthem for the dreamers and the doers.

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