Rudeboy Discloses Why He Blocked People on His Whatsapp


Nigerian popular singer Paul Okoye now known in the music scene as Rudeboy has disclosed why he blocked some people from his whatsapp list.

It will be recalled that Rudeboy disclosed in his official Twitter page few hours ago that he has blocked some contacts on his Whatsapp.

Rudeboy disclosed that if anyone who tries to reach him by calling but isn’t going through, should bare in mind that he has blocked them. According to Rudeboy, he blocked some people from his Whatsapp because these people have spread lies and spoke behind him. He also disclosed that these people also add him in stupid Whatsapp groups which he dislikes.

Rude boy tweeted…..

“Just in case you have been trying to call me or whatsapp me, and is not going thru, just know that I have blocked you, yes azin blocked! Some of you have turned to gossip, bloggers, unnecessary broadcast and adding me in some stupid whatsapp group…thank you… yours rudely”.


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