SA TV And Radio Host Who Was Told She Will Never Have A Child Shares Her Touching Story As She Celebrates Her Son’s 9th Birthday


Taking to her Twitter account, Mpho said she was told that she’d never have kids due to endometriosis, which she was diagnosed with at 17.

She went on to reveal that at 28 she fell pregnant, but sadly lost her baby through a miscarriage.

But on Monday, she celebrated the life of her nine-year-old son, proving that there was hope even for women who were declared unfit to have babies.

“Oh happy day! Today my boy turns nine. Still can’t believe that I went from being told I’d never be able to conceive at 17 because of endometriosis, and managing to conceive and then suffering a miscarriage at 28, to now celebrating nine years of life with this young man,” she tweeted.

She mentioned that falling pregnant can be hard for some women, with the process getting more painful and worsened by people who kept asking when they were having children.

“Then people recklessly ask you when you’re having another child. You have jokes! You have no clue how much pain it took for me to even get to this one.

This is why we ask that you don’t go around asking people when they’re having children. It’s not always a smooth journey. Love to everyone who is trying to have a child. I hope your prayers will be answered someday. Also sending love to all angel mommies and daddies.”

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