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Safeguard your smartphones with these 2024 security tips

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By Prince Dankwa

As mobile threats become more sophisticated, cybersecurity experts emphasize the urgent need for robust security measures to protect smartphones.

According to a recent report, signs of a compromised device include sudden battery drain, unexpected charges, and unauthorized account access. Threats range from malware and phishing to unsecured public WiFi and SIM swap attacks.

To enhance mobile security in 2024, key recommendations include:

  • Weekly reboots to disrupt potential malware
  • Disabling unused connectivity features
  • Avoiding public WiFi networks
  • Keeping software updated with the latest security patches
  • Using a case to protect microphones and cameras
  • Utilizing only trusted charging accessories
  • Encrypting devices and using a VPN
  • Downloading apps from official app stores

By implementing these security practices, smartphone users can safeguard their personal data and reduce the risk of falling victim to cyberattacks.

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