Salis breaks silence on Nana Addo’s $40k bribe video


Akuffo Addo bribe scandal

The investigative journalist Yakubu Salis who happens to be the man behind the famous Akuffo Addo bribe-taking video has broken his silence over the matter.

Ghanaians would remember that a few days ago, a video surfaced on social media that sees the first gentleman of the land Nana Addo taking an amount of $40,000 from a woman identified as Hajia Fawuzia.

According to the opposition NDC, the money was a bribe to Akuffo Addo just to keep quiet over a matter involving the Director at Urban Roads.

The opposition NPP also reacted to the video by dropping another video which they claim is the actual video from the event stating that Hajia Fawuzia had just gone there gift the President money and donate campaign T-shirts.

Hajia Fawzia Karim, in speaking about the said video stated that the video was recorded in 2016 when the Akufo-Ado was the presidential candidate for then opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP).

Well, the person who recorded the video himself in the person of Salis Yakubu Achilo has finally broken his silence in an exclusive interview with Kevin Ekow Taylor on his ‘With All due Respect’ show.

According to Salis, people should disregard the comment by the NPP that the video was recorded in 2016 because he recorded the said video in July 2017.

Explaining why he secretly recorded the video, he revealed that Abass is a Director at Urban Roads was having issues with some contractors who wanted him out so they could replace him with his deputy.

The director after knowing what the contractors where up to decided to start paying some monies to the President so he(Nana Addo) doesn’t give in to their pressure but all those monies never got to the Nana Addo.

He continued that Abass then called on one Ama Busia to lead him to the president but she told Abass that the best person to lead him to the President was no other than Dr Bawua who is Ghana’s ambassador to the United States of America.

Dr Bawua who agreed to go with Abass and Salis demanded an amount of Ghc10,000 which they paid.

Abass who couldn’t go with Salis and Dr Bawua requested that his wife Hajia Fawuzia replace him as they go to see Nana Akuffo Addo.

Salis concluded that he recorded the video which he later showed to Abass as proof that they had gone met the President and everything is now in order.

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