Salma Mumin resort to Shugatiti style to advertise product with raw “trumu” on display


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The beautiful Ghanaian actress Salma Mumin is causing necks to pull on social media with a half naked photo she posted on her instagram page.

It appears most Ghanaian female celebrities are now turning to the the famous style of Shugatti who is widely known to be posting nude photos and videos of herself to advertise products online.

What Salma Mumin did in a bid of advertising a product is not too different from what Shugatiti has been doing in the past years.

Maybe these celebrities in advertising these products they put on display also have a mindset in their minds to advertise their bodies as well to the general public.

It is very difficult to phantom as to why women people look up to in society will deliberately go half naked to advertise but of course it is understandable because the old saying ‘SEX SELL’ still works especially in today’s society.

We cannot begrudge their newly found tactic of attracting and reaching out to potential clients but we can only wish them all the best as there is also a saying “man got eat”


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