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Sam Smith Breaks Silence On Vocal Cord Injury After Canceling Concert – Hollywood Life

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Image Credit: Nigel Waldron / SplashNews.com

Sam Smith finally spoke out on the vocal cord injury that caused them to cancel a show in Manchester on May 24. The “Unholy” singer, 31, took to their Instagram on Saturday, June 3 to let fans know that they had just returned from a doctor visit and had an update on the condition of their money maker. “It’s actually really positive news,” Sam addressed their fans in the video. “My vocal cords are healing, and after a week of vocal rest, it’s looking good.”

“It’s looking like I’m going to be ok for the rest of the shows, that’s really amazing news,” Sam continued, as production had also shut down upcoming concerts in Glasgow and Birmingham. The singer then thanked their amazing stans for all their “beautiful messages of love and healing.”

Sam also apologized to the fans who didn’t get the chance to take in their Grammy-winning vocals due to the cancelation. “I’m still so sorry for everyone who missed out on the show, these things are completely out of my control,” they admitted. “I’ll be doing everything I can to get back to you guys as soon as I can,” they added. “I’ll keep you updated moving forward but thank you again.” Sam ended the clip with an air kiss and a goodbye wave.

During the canceled Manchester concert, a blackout occurred after Sam abruptly left the stage a few songs into the performance, leaving the audience in a state of confusion. After about thirty minutes, the crowd was told to exit the venue, per Page Six.

Sam Smith apologized to fans for canceling some shows but said their vocal cords are ‘healing.’ (Nigel Waldron / SplashNews.com)

At the time, the singer took to social media to give a bit of an explanation, admitting they were “heartbroken” by the events. “I came off stage and have tried everything to get my voice back in gear but it won’t,” they wrote. “I am honestly heartbroken I couldn’t finish the show for you all. I love you all. I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry.”

In a separate slide in the same Instagram post, a spokesperson for Sam wrote, “Doctors have advised due to a vocal cord injury, Sam must have complete vocal rest.” They added, “Sam is heartbroken to have had to cancel these shows but they have been told by doctors that if they keep singing, they will do permanent damage to their voice. If they take some rest they will be able to perform again.”

It sounds like Sam took the doctors’ advice and rested, which is great news for fans, as their tour is scheduled to continue around the world until November 2023, where it closes out in Monterrey, Mexico. HollywoodLife will keep you posted on the singer’s health struggle and their concert status.

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