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Samini calls out Sarkodie for ignoring his texts, demands immediate apology

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Samini has called out Sarkodie for not being responsive to him.

According to Samini, Sarkodie has not treated him fairly when he has kept ignoring his texts and offers without any explanation.

Taking to Twitter, Samini insisted that Sarkodie render an apology to him before he would agree to work with him on further projects.

He added that Sarkodie has always shunned the idea of working together with him, even after he sent him multiple collaboration offers.

“I got nothing against @sarkodie and he knows it. He also knows that he Dey owe me personal apology for the blue ticks after having me send 3 tracks and he choosing 1. After asking me if it was a single or an album to which I answered it’s an EP. He’s like coo he’s yet to respond.”

When he was asked to use a different method to reach out to Sarkodie, Samini stated that he would never pay to get a feature with Sarkodie, nor would he kowtow in order to get a favour from him.

As if he got love rocks through management…. Smdh. Some of y’all tho eno be all English be sense ooo. I should pay sark for a verse after doing one for free under 24 hours. My name is SAMINI.. Don’t act like you forgot.”

Samini also stated that Sarkodie‘s disregard for him irritates him because he couldn’t understand why he was “flexing” him.

You are not reading. I said I’d not do a track with him and my reasons are spelt out. It’s not like I want the track now and he’s flexing ooo. It’s long gone but had to let folks know how shit is fucked up low key in our industry. If that Makes you feel a way that’s on you

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