Sarkodie reacts to Strongman-Medikal beef


Sarkodie, the certified King of Ghanaian rap has finally broken his silence on the raging Strongman vrs Medikal beef.

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According to Sarkodie, the underlying cause of all the ongoing beef is what he calls “Rappers Ego”. To him, it is the most loyal emotion of every Emcee and none will stand by for anyone to trample upon it.

So until their Egos are satisfied, it appears we are in for a very long beef between Ghanaian rappers but for now, Strongman and Medikal are holding down the game tight.

King Sark tweeted:

“Rapper Ego”… The most loyal emotion of an Emcee. ?

Sarkodie reacts to Strongman-Medikal beef

At exactly, 10: 00 am, Strongman is expected to release his second diss song for Medikal but this time, he has promised to go dirty as Medikal did.