Secondary schools were created to impact fear, discipline and obedience, not knowledge- Kubolor

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Wanlov the Kubolor has given his thoughts on what he thinks the true purpose of the Secondary School system in Ghana is.

In a conversation about his experience in Secondary School, the Ghanaian-Romanian musician and film director said it was horrible.

In his opinion the Secondary School system currently the Senior High School system was introduced by the Europeans to instil fear, obedience and discipline in students rather than knowledge.

Born Emmanuel Owusu-Bonsu, the cultural icon said that he wished he came out of school with more knowledge and technical knowhow rather than stories of bullying, maltreatment and unnecessary punishment.

He explained that in secondary schools, teachers are more interested in throwing their weight about and showing students how powerful they are rather than impacting their lives positively.

Graduating from Adisadel College with his longtime best friend and bandmate, Mensa, Kubolor had some very bizarre stories to tell about his secondary school days.

”People call you and punish you for no reason. Seniors take your food from the chop box by force. We had something called Ghost of Santa and it happens like once a month. Where when you are going to sleep something has to be under your pillow or you receive slaps”, he said.


In response to the assertion that the ill-treatment students face at secondary schools is to give them stories to tell, Kubolor mentioned that he wishes he had better stories to tell.

In his candid opinion, he did not have to go through all that abuse just to have a story to tell because it is not right.

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