Shameless politicians will sink so low for votes; don’t be fooled- Nana Aba Anamoah

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It is about that time again when politicians go power chasing and make that once in a year travel to their constituencies bearing carefully crafted messages all in the name of gaining power.

As part of the twisted politics we have witnessed in Africa for a prolonged period, during these times, politicians would even lick the feet of electorates just to be in their good books.

Once again, the minds and emotions of electorates will be their playing field prior to the December 2020 polls.

With their sugar-coated messages and promises, they will entice voters to forget the hardship they’ve been through for decades and to go queue up rain or shine to secure power.

The dodginess of an election year still remains alive. The sudden benevolent showings by some of these stone-hearted political quacks will amaze you as they suddenly show concern by distributing goodies all in the name of gaining or retaining political power.

Nana Aba Anamoah believes that these strategies are fashioned to get the minds of voters off important issues and to cast their votes based on likes and dislikes and tribal affiliations.

The media personality in a recent tweet has cautioned all her followers to keep their eyes wide open and to vote based on the competence and diligence of politicians.

Nana charged her followers and the Ghanaian populace to be vigilant and not be fooled by some of these sweet-tongued politicians whose only aim is to gain power and leave voters to their own fates.

Her tweet read, “Ugly Ugly politics. Shameless beings. They’ll sink so low to get our votes and abandon us later. Don’t fall for it. shine your eyes!!.”

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