Shekhinah Clinic re-affirms commitment to providing free medical care

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Health Hospital Anniversary
Mrs Mariama David Abdulai

Management of Shekhinah Clinic has re-affirmed its continued commitment to keeping with its tradition of providing free medical care, shelter and food to the poor and destitute in society as part of efforts at serving humanity.

Mrs Mariama David Abdulai, Chief Executive Officer of Shekhinah Clinic, who re-affirmed the commitment at a media briefing in Tamale on Saturday, said the facility was still working in keeping with the legacy of its late Founder, Dr David Abdulai Fuseini (Dr Choggu).

The media briefing was to announce the 30th anniversary celebrations of the establishment of the Shekhinah Clinic, as well as the marking of the fifth anniversary of the passing of its Founder.

The Clinic would undertake various activities including; health walk, health screening, clean-up exercise, gala matches, movie night (memorial videos of Dr Abdulai), from September 25 until October 02, when it would climax the anniversary with a durbar at its premises.

Shekhinah Clinic is a private medical facility in Tamale, which offers free medical services and accommodation to the poor and destitute.

It was established in 1991 by the late Dr Abdulai, a medical doctor, and also runs a feeding programme, where it feeds the destitute.

The facility uses its own resources and relies on the benevolence of members of the public to provide the free medical services, shelter and food for the poor and destitute.

Dr Abdulai, the Founder of the Clinic, died five years ago, and many thought that his death would be the end of the charity work at the facility.

However, Mrs Abdulai, the Widow of Dr Abdulai, rose to the challenge, and with strong leadership and support from volunteer medical staff amongst other benefactors, the facility continued to live up to its mission.

Mrs Abdulai said “The 30th anniversary is to demonstrate to the world that the legacy he (Founder) left behind is still ongoing. He left a legacy and we are all his legacies because he has taught us his principles and what he stood for and we are continuing to do it.”

She emphasised that “We want to let the public know that the system is still ongoing. Same as before. Nothing has changed. And whoever deems it fit that the forgotten ones need to be taken care of is welcome to help us in kind or cash or whatever form.”

She said “We thank everyone especially our benefactors for all the support they gave to the Founder, and after his demise they still trust us and they are donating for us to sustain and maintain his good legacy.”

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